Staffing Services

Our unique hiring process is designed by Software Engineers to increase efficiency and decrease hiring time.


For companies that need an office space.

Security & Insurance

We ensure your remote workforce are in good hands.


We provide your staff with a laptop or tablet.

VPN Connection

For companies that want remote staff to connect the company’s VPN.

Got Questions?

Yes, we can help you quickly and easily add off-site talent. Our millions of highly skilled professionals are capable of working remotely from anywhere and can start – and actually get to work – ASAP. We can help you determine the best setup so remote talent can work securely from home, regardless of your needs or capabilities.

We can easily help equip talent to work remotely by providing them with secure devices. We can enable them to connect to your system through your company’s VPN or a secure virtual desktop. If you’re not sure what setup is best, our dedicated team of technical professionals can help you choose.

Our candidates can work on a device provided by your company and connect to your organization’s network. Our technical professionals can answer your questions and help remote staff get set up properly.

Yes, there are fees associated with using a talent solutions provider to hire employees, but the overall cost is typically a net savings for you because finding highly skilled employees can be time-consuming. You can save time and money by working with the talent solutions specialists at Gini Talent.

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