Mid/Senior QA Engineer

12 October 2023
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Gini Talent provides end-to-end consultancy and recruitment services across the globe. Based out of Istanbul, Turkey, our primary focus is to help clients in Europe and the United States reduce time to hire, evaluate candidates, and reinforce diverse and inclusive work cultures.

Our integrated business approach and dedicated recruiters have enabled us to develop proprietary data-driven practices in technology recruitment to build authentic and long-term relationships with clients and candidates.

The company is now positioned as a business partner towards clients engaged in challenging strategies and innovation on a local and global scale. To sustain this positioning, Gini developed several practices in tech recruitment.


  • 4+yearsofsoftwaretestingexperience
  • Strongverbalandwrittencommunicationskills
  • Abilitytoworkbothinateamandindividually,settingprioritiesonyourown
  • Applycomprehensiveknowledgeofsoftwaretestingconceptswithinthesoftwaredevelopmentlifecycle
  • Knowledgeofsystemsanalysis,performin-depthanalysisoftherequirementandspecificationstocreate testcases
  • Knowledgeofhowtoexecutecomplextestcases/scriptsandabilitytointerpret/analyseresultstoreport,
  • communicate,andworkthroughissueswithsoftwareengineers,performinvestigationand troubleshootingactivities
  • KnowledgeofsoftwarequalityengineeringandtestingmethodsatalllevelsappliedwithintheSoftware Development Lifecycle
  • Preferred; Workingunderstandingoftestautomationexperience

Fringe Benefits

·        Free 1-to-1 English courses during working hours

·        Unlimited Udemy trainings

·        Freelancing opportunities on top of your daily job

·        Flexible working hours between 07:00 – 20:00 with core working hours 9 am to 4 pm

·        A+ teammates and remarkable company culture

·        Internet Allowance

Interview Process Details

  • HR Intro (15 mins)
  • Technical Interview (1h)
  • Cultural Fit (30 mins)