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Welcome to Gini Talent, your dependable partner for staffing and recruitment in the thriving IT industry. We are a Turkish company with a global clientele that specializes in offering excellent IT talent solutions for various business sectors. We connect organizations with outstanding IT specialists using our in-depth knowledge of the sector and dedication to excellence, enabling them to succeed in the rapidly changing digital environment.

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Our leadership at Gini Talent exemplifies the highest standards of excellence, bringing extensive experience in the IT industry and a commitment to delivering exceptional results for our clients,


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Mehmet Bozacıoğlu
Mehmet Bozacıoğlu

General Manager

Mehmet Bozacolu, co-founder of Gini Finance and Gini Talent, has 25 years of experience in commercial software and intends to lead in worldwide expansion.

Ömer Celep
Ömer Celep

Director of Business Development

Omer Celep, a business development expert, uses data-driven ways to improve customer satisfaction, income, and risk management. Through strategic relationships and new solutions, he promotes development and value.

Feyza Görgü
Feyza Görgü

Director of Human Resources

Feyza Görgü, a human resources expert, specializes in organizational efficiency, executive coaching, and change management. She works with well-known Turkish and international companies on leadership development.

Görkem Tan
Görkem Tan

Director of Finance

As Finance & Accounting Manager, Görkem Tan, an experienced CPA, provides expertise in accounting, finance, tax, and payroll from a variety of businesses to Gini Talent.


As a tech recruitment form, our priority is to supply leading IT specialists to businesses operating in a variety of industries. We are aware that technology nowadays plays a critical role in fostering innovation and expansion for companies of all sizes. We are dedicated to providing businesses from a variety of industries with great IT talent that can satisfy their unique requirements. No matter what sector you work in finance, healthcare, retail, or another, we have the expertise, connections, and resources to get you the IT experts you need to stay on top of the game and meet your goals. Join together with us to access a vast pool of IT talent and take your company to new heights.

By improving patient care and reducing administrative procedures, IT is transforming the healthcare sector. Gini Talent is dedicated to providing healthcare firms with great IT professionals that are aware of the particular difficulties and opportunities present in this industry. We assist healthcare firms in finding qualified IT specialists with a passion for improving healthcare outcomes, from establishing electronic health record (EHR) systems to increasing data analytics and cybersecurity. We bridge the gap between technology and healthcare with our specific recruitment strategy, working with administrators, nurses, and physicians to enhance IT infrastructure and patient care. Gini Talent, as a strategic partner, enables healthcare firms to use technology wisely, increase operational effectiveness, and provide exceptional patient experiences. Join us in fostering innovation, revolutionizing healthcare, and influencing the direction of the sector.
IT is altering content creation, delivery, and consumption in the media sector. Media companies can find qualified IT specialists with Gini Talent who promote innovation and digital transformation. IT is crucial for media firms to remain competitive in a market that is continually changing, from audience analytics to tailored experiences and the creation of new content. We constantly seek out IT professionals with technical know-how and artistic flare since we are aware of the unique IT requirements of the media sector. We work directly with media companies to suit their specific IT needs, whether that be creating reliable content management systems, utilizing cutting-edge video production technology, boosting data analytics skills, or assuring cybersecurity.  We identify IT professionals who easily integrate into media organizations through our tailored recruitment strategy, working with content creators, journalists, marketers, and executives to optimize digital workflows, improve distribution techniques, increase audience engagement, and deliver captivating media experiences across platforms. Join us in using IT's ability to spark media innovation and engage audiences.
The banking industry depends on IT to support operations, data security, and innovation. Gini Talent links finance companies with qualified IT leaders to drive their digital transformation. We employ professionals that have both technical expertise and sector understanding since we are aware of the unique IT requirements of the financial sector. Our strategic relationship enables financial services providers to adopt new technologies, improve client service, and deal with shifting market conditions. Join us as we use the best IT talent to shape the future of finance. Gini Talent, your dependable partner in staffing, is encouraging innovation in the finance industry.
IT has completely changed business processes and consumer experiences in the retail industry. Gini Talent links shops with qualified IT specialists who promote digital innovation and change. We hire professionals with technical proficiency and industry expertise since we are aware of the unique IT requirements of the retail sector. Our IT solutions enable retailers to maintain competitiveness by streamlining processes, improving supply chains, and providing tailored shopping experiences. Join forces with us to unleash the retail industry's disruptive potential of technology. Gini Talent is your reliable strategic partner in staffing for the retail industry.


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