EUR Indexed Salary 100% Remote Private Health Insurance Flexible Hours


  • Experience with React.js
  • Knowledge of JavaScript/TypeScript, GraphQL, HTML and CSS.
  • Good understanding of Functional Programming paradigm, OOP principles, Data Structures, Algorithms, Design Patterns.
  • Experience working with Swift, Objective C, and Java a plus but not required
  • Good knowledge of RESTful APIs annd working with XHR
  • Experience in responsie and mobile Web development
  • Experience with web systemsrunning on various OS and browsers, including older versions
  • Strong understanding of CSS pre-processors (SASS / SCSS) and task runners (Grunt, Gulp, Webpack is preffered)
  • Strong understanding of performance optimization techniques, caching and versioning for static resources
  • Solid understanding of development lifecycle, including working experience with Git/GitFlow, Pull Requests and Code Reviews

What would be considered as an advantage?

  • Experience with Node.JS
  • Experience in setup and maintain continuousintegration & delivery (Jenkins/ Pipelines/ TravisCI)
  • Experience with Unit testing for JavaScript – Karma, Jasmine or other…

What is in it for you?

  1. Work from home, flexible hours
  2. Social Security (SSK)
  3. Private Health Insurance
  4. 14 days paid time off
  5. Competitive Salary
  6. Unlimited Udemy Trainings
  7. Paid time off on your birthday
  8. Be a key memeber of a global team
  9. Get paid for additional freelancing work
Screening15 mins-Motivation
Tech interview60 mins-Technical Assessment
Cultural Fit30 mins-Motivation

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